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18th December
s 87d 14.650m/w 89d 16.170m, 23.7 nautical (27.3 statute) miles kiting "Toms birthday today (Tuesday), stopping for a party"
17th December
s 86d 51.560m/w 087d 42.984m, 10.6 nautical (12.2 statute) miles, sun and wind from east. "Got in to camp at 2200 last night kited 25.5 nautical (29.3 statute) miles, awesome day, easy day today as a little bushed, Toms birthday tomorrow (today), big party planned."
16th December
s 86d 33.863m/w 87d 14.078m, 18 nautical (20.7statute) miles, weather good, using kites at present, will use for another few hours while wind is with them.
15th December
s 86d 17.040m/w 85d 36.387m, 12.4 nautical (14.3 statute) miles, great day, managed to use kites, but not for traction (?), Overcast all day, faintshadows, wind from east.
13th December
s 85d 50.874m/w 86d 4.872m, 13.7 nautical (15.8 statute) miles. 'Toughest day so far, backbreaking country. Cool windy, mainly overcast uphill all day, everyone sore and tired, spaghetti for dinner, loving it.'
11th December
Left Thiels 1400, position last night s 85d 23.683m/w 86d 40.188m. 13.2 nautical (15.2 statute) miles. Nice to be on the road again, windy with large sastrugi.
8th December
S 85d 6.259m/W 86d 53.359m. 16.4 nautical (18.9 statute) miles. Spectacular view of Thiels mountains in sunlight. Ski South Pole 1 tents in full view.
6th December
84d 36.497m/W 84d 31.486m. 16 nautical (18.4 statute) miles. Overcast, but had good day. Andrew broke another binding. Looking forward to re-supply
5th December
84d 20.955m S 83d 56.922m W, 16 nautical (18.4 statute) miles in 7.5 hours. Paul has now listened to 110 CDs since start of trip. 1st day in 6 that they have not broken any bindings. Can see Thiels - all excited!
4th December
S 84d 5.613m/W 83d 13.945m. 15.4 nautical (17.7 statute) miles. "Great day & great weather. No whiskey, but re-supply in sight"
3rd December
S 83d 50.684m/W 82d 41.665m. 15.3 nautical (17.6 statute) miles. Overcast in morning, now blue sky.
2nd December
S 83d 35.724m/W 82d 16.535m. 15.0 nautical (17.3 statute) miles. "Tom started to be too fat for his bindings, have broken three in the last 4 days, no whisky for 24 hours and clocked up a personal best of 15 miles today. Whiskey critically low, please send to re-supply. Weather and spirits remain high, keep the messages coming, we appreciate them."
30th November
S 83s 7.142m/W 81s 31.402. 14.5 nautical (16.6 statute) miles. Everybody great, crossed another degree, celebrating with more whiskey.
29th November

S 83d 21.006m/W 81d 54.236m. 14.2 nautical (16.3 statute) miles yesterday. "A good day, travelled for 7 1/2 hours withheavy sastrugi."
27th November
S 82deg 39.832/W 80deg 57.936. 14.1 nautical (16.2 statute) miles. a good working day, sunny and overcast combination. Now 1/4 of the way to South Pole.
26th November
82degrees 13.381minutes South 80 degrees 38.328 minutes West 13.4 nautical (15.4 statute) miles. Great day, beautiful and nice. Hope the good weather continues.
25th November
81 S 82 0.176/W 80 24.312; rest day, stormy last night with 40 knots. 40 knot winds gave us an excuse tosit in bed all day and pile through nearly 6000 cal of food. 1st sock change in 100 miles, feels great. still no kiting.
24th November
81 S 82 0.176/W 80 24.312; 12.2 nautical (14 statute) miles. One more degree finished, 8 left to go. Customary snow bath and are partying with Talisker whisky. Also received goodwill message from HRH Prince Charles. Headwinds yesterday.
23nd November

81d, 48.149 minutes S/ 80 degrees 10.562 minutes W; 11.8 nautical (13.6 statute) miles yesterday. Hard day with strong headwinds and lots of sastrugi. Celebrating 100 miles last night (friday). All having fun.
(sastrugi - A long wavelike ridge of snow, formed by the wind and found on the polar plains)
22nd November
81d 36.445m S/800 9.365m W, 12.4 nautical (14.3 statute) miles . A great day, beautiful, with sunshine. Now having mushroom soup with rice.
21st November

81d 24.15m S/800 5.047m W, 13.9 statute miles . It is Patricks birthday today (Weds), so are having a party with biltong and scotch. The day was overcast and hard to navigate.
19th November
810 12.142m S / 800 13.518m W 11.6 nautical (13.3 statute) miles. Hard morning with very strong headwinds, but better this evening.
16th November
80d 28.992m S 80d 04.661m W. Travelled 9.6 nautical (11 statute) miles. today. Strong headwinds, but generally a good day. No kiting yet (no tacking quite yet). All in good spirits.
16th November

80d 19.485m S 079d 56.704m W Travelled 9.21 nautical miles (10.6 statute). All well, they had a good day. Terrain levelled out and the going became a lot more enjoyable. Checked position for 13/11 - note new position for that evening: 80d 10.579m S 79d 43.191m W.
14th November
Left for Hercules Inlet yesterday. Twin Otter finally left them alone at 1354 UTC. Position report last night at 2330 UTC showed them slightly further North than their drop-off point. They may be readjusting their start position slightly to make sure that they start from the continental edge?
13th November

Hoping to leave for Hercules Inlet this morning.
12th November
Early night last night. Possibly preparing for a trip to Hercules Inlet today?
11th November

A rrived in Patriot Hills, but are planning a “try out” in Patriot Hills prior to flying to Hercules Inlet. If the team is strong enough, they may ski direct from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole, without passing through Patriot Hills again.