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This is the story of how Patrick Woodhead – 26, from South London, hobbies include exploring some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the world – set out on an incredible expedition to the South Pole with his friends. 100 years on from Scott and Shackleton’s first expedition, Patrick and his team travelled over 800 miles into the forbidding frozen wasteland of the Antarctic, and in doing so became the youngest polar explorers the world has ever seen. And all with the help of some very large kites...

MISADVENTURES IN A WHITE DESERT follows this extraordinary expedition, from its birth (in a pub), through the organisation, intense preparations, gruelling journey and all-important beard-growing competition. Told with candour and plenty of dry humour, this is the inside story of a ground-breaking expedition – and a very funny tale of some young guys struggling to keep it together against the odds.

Sport at its most extreme, modern exploration at its most determined, human endurance at its very limits, and also just some friends following in the footsteps of their heroes – Patrick and his team’s story will take you with them all the way into the white desert.

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