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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do they wash? They have to dive on the snow to clean themselves, washing is a very quick activity for fear of freezing.

How far do they travel each day? They are travelling on average 11 nautical miles.

How do they go to the toilet? In a bottle in their tents

What is the weather like? Visit

What do they eat during the day? Food high in carbohydrates and consists mostly of chocolates, flapjacks and sweets

How are they travelling? They are skiing whilst dragging sleds behind them, they have got specially designed kites that they are able to use if the wind conditions are suitable. Pioneering a new system of kites designed by NASA called ?Parasails?, the explorers hope to harness the power of the Antarctic winds and sail to the South Pole. Evolved from the dynamic kites used in the fast growing sport of Kite Surfing, the explorers aim to cover distances up to 160miles in a single day. Distances Scott and Shackleton would have taken two weeks to achieve.