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Sir Ranulph Fiennes, “The World’s Greatest Living Explorer” and Patron of the expedition paid tribute to the team’s bravery by saying, ‘It is an extremely worthwhile and courageous endeavour, I expect in a way, it will be an extremely pleasant trip.

HRH The Prince of Wales, also wrote to the team stating, ‘The South Pole on foot is certainly an elusive and difficult prize, but I am sure you will rise to this exceptional challenge.’

5th November
I have tried to keep this trip to the back of my mind. Because Patrick was away at school and then university and has done a number of other trips, we are used to saying 'goodbye, see you in a few months time', so from that point of view this has not been difficult. Obviously the dangers are our main concern, particularly the crevasses that can just appear and swallow you up and of course, the cold. However, he is pretty fit and mentally strong so I am confident that he will reach the South Pole. I also know that his two companions Tom and Andrew are fit and strong and together they will help each other along.

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